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[30 Aug 2020|11:06pm]

Character Name: Peter Dursley
Age: 23 (February 25)
Fandom: Harry Potter AU
Canon point:
Species: human
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Inventory: just the clothes he has on his person
Family: Dudley and Diana Dursley (parents), Harry and Ginny Potter (uncle and aunt), James, Albus, Lily (cousins)
Wiki Link: Link

Appearance: (Much like his father Dudley, Peter is built solidly. He has never been a slender boy, nor is he a slender man. He has curly hair, dark colored, that he gets from his mom. He has a baby face.)

Personality: (Peter is friendly guy, for the most part. A big softy, even. He is close to his family and it shows. He is a big old protective teddy bear.

At work is where his Grandpa Vern comes out of him, and he is stern, and a tough kind of man. Pastry work is very detailed and Peter does not stand for mistakes. He works the people under him to the bones. )

PB: Art Parkinson
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